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Work for us

Our counsellors are carefully selected and trained, and are paid professionals rather than volunteers.  For many of the children and young people who call an 0800 What’s Up counsellor, it’ll be the first time they’ve trusted an adult with their problem, and some will form an ongoing relationship with a counsellor who may be the only stable and reliable adult in their lives.

Who can be a counsellor?

We have a wide range of people who work as telephone counsellors at 0800 What’s Up.  We recruit people based on a range of criteria, and look for people who have the right attitude and aptitude to work for us. 

Interested in becoming a counsellor?

We recruit and train our counsellors in small groups, normally once or twice a year.  We're not currently recruiting but you're welcome to register your interest with us and we'll contact you when the next recruitment round gets underway.  To register your interest, or to get more information about being a counsellor, email us at whatsup@barnardos.org.nz