Confidentiality is really important to us at 0800 What’s Up.  When you call or chat online, you can be sure we won’t tell anyone outside 0800 What’s Up what you’ve said, unless we really need to.

Everything you say is confidential unless you, or another person, are in immediate danger and we need to make sure you are safe.  If that happens, we’ll always try and make sure you know about it and talk over the options to there are to make sure everyone is safe.

Do you keep records about what I say?

Because we talk to thousands of young people, and especially if you are working with a regular counsellor, it’s really helplful for us to check back sometimes about the things we have talked about with you.  This means 0800 What’s Up might need to keep a basic record of counselling sessions.

Any records are securely kept and protected at all times within 0800 What’s Up.  

Can someone hack into my chats or records?

Something else to think about is how the stuff you do on the web can be.  There are hackers and viruses out there and it can never be TOTALLY secure or private.  Its important you know that we have no control over hackers and viruses through this site, however we do take every step and precaution we can to make sure all information is secure.  If this is something you are worried about you can always talk to one of our counsellors about it.

Do I have to tell mum, dad, or my caregiver that I’ve talked to What’s Up?  Will they know I’ve called?

You don’t have to tell anyone that you have been in touch with us!  Just remember though that if you call us the history on your mobile phone might show the 0800 Whats Up number unless you delete it from the history.  It also might show up on the phone bill if you call from your landline.  If you are really worried about this you can always call us from a public phone booth  - and you can always talk to our counsellors about what to do.

If you want to hide your visit to this website, or want to delete the history of your online chat click here for further information hide your visit.